Welcome to Health Science Education!


The Health Science Cluster provides students with essential knowledge and skills necessary for pursuing a career  or post-secondary education in health care. Interested students can choose from a variety of entry level professional pathways to include Nursing, Dental Assisting, Sports Medicine, Biomedical Science, etc. 

The Health Science curriculum provides flexibility in meeting the needs of ALL students by providing a variety of instructional strategies to include projects, lab simulations, community service opportunities, local and state competitive events, and work-based learning experiences.  

All pathways in the Health Science Cluster may lead to a nationally recognized certification or credential. 

The Health Science classroom provides a safe and appropriate setting for student exploration and assessment. The rigorous and challenging content of the Health Science cluster lends itself to a variety of instructional strategies, including contextual applications, virtual classrooms, and the use of multimedia.Competency-based, learner-centered instruction enables students to participate in both classroom and on-site practice of skills necessary for a career path in Health Science. Students who choose to enter the Health Science field set specific academic goals for meeting the expectations of business and industry.

Foundations of Health Science is the required pre-requisite course for all pathways in the Health Science Cluster.  This course  provides essential health care knowledge and skills while promoting the application of science and technology.

An added bonus to the Health Science Cluster is participation in HOSA: Future Health Professions to help students development and enhance leadership skills through competitive events.  

Local business and industry partners support the Health Science curriculum.