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Wednesday, August 23, 2017

The Davidson HS Computer Science Program is Growing!

Posted by Mary Clair Wright in Great News!

The Davidson CS department started 6 years ago with 12 students enrolled in a pilot Software Development Course. In the spring semester of 2016-17, 37 Davidson students took the 1st ever AP Computer Science Principles Exam, and 35 earned a qualifying score of 3 or higher. On the scoring breakdown, Davidson HS students beat the national average on each individual marker.

  • The First 13 students will graduate as IT Completers this spring after taking the following course sequence: Software Development (MOS Excel), AP Computer Science Principles (AP Score), AP Computer Science A (Dual Enrollment Credit Through USA)
  • There are 65 students enrolled in the AP Computer Science Principles Course
  • Approximately 130 students will take a computer science course for the upcoming school year

August 17, 2017, was Launch Day for the USA/DHS Java Pilot Program. The 12 DHS Students who are participating in the 2017 USA/DHS Java Pilot Program along with their instructor, Dr. Tom Johnsten are pictured below. These students are will receive direct instruction from USA Faculty and Staff through the year as they have the opportunity to earn their first college credit! These students are CTE Completers who earned a qualifying score on the AP Computer Science Principles Exam in its inaugural year.



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