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The Health Science cluster provides students with essential knowledge and skills for pursuing a career in health care. Students choose one of five Health Science pathways: Therapeutic Services, Diagnostic Services, Health Informatics, Support Services, or Biotechnology Research and Development. The required foundation course, Foundations of Health Science, is offered to all ninth- through twelfth-grade students. This course, a prerequisite to all pathway courses, provides essential health care knowledge and skills and promotes the application of science and technology. All pathways in the cluster lead to a degree or certificate at the post-secondary level. Completion of Foundations of Health Science, Therapeutic Services, and Continuum Internship (2 credits) can lead to credentialing by the Alabama Department of Public Health as a Certified Nurse Assistant.

The Health Science classroom provides a safe and appropriate setting for student exploration and assessment. The rigorous and challenging content of the Health Science cluster lends itself to a variety of instructional strategies, including contextual applications, virtual classrooms, and the use of multimedia. Competency-based, learner-centered instruction enables students to participate in both classroom and on-site practice of skills necessary for a career path in Health Science. The Health Science curriculum provides flexibility in meeting the needs of all students by providing a variety of instructional strategies that include project, service, and work-based learning experiences.

Students who choose to enter the Health Science field set specific academic goals for meeting the expectations of business and industry. Participation in Health Occupations Students of America (HOSA) helps students achieve these goals while enhancing the development of leadership skills. Click the followng link to access the HOSA website.  http://www.hosa.org/

This cluster is offered at the following schools:  Bryant Career Tech Center, Faulkner Career Tech Center, Blount High School, Citronelle High School, and LeFlore High School. All students from every high school have the opportunity to take courses in this cluster by scheduling courses at either of the 2 Career Tech Centers listed above. Students should talk to their high school counselor for specific information on enrolling in the Health Science cluster.