The Academies of Mobile County

 The Signature Academies of the Mobile County Public School System are small learning communities that afford students (10th-12th grades) the opportunity to participate in real-world hands-on assignments connected to a specific career theme.  Signature Academies offer students college and career ready opportunities such as paid and unpaid internships, job shadowing, workplace tours, worksite training, business mentors, etc.  


Cohort I:

Blount High:

   Academy of Allied Health

   Academy of Business, Marketing Sales, and Promotions

   Academy of Construction, Manufacturing, and Transportation

   Academy of Human Services and JROTC Leadership

Juanita Veale

 Citronelle High:

     Academy of Manufacturing, Industry and Technology

Eddie Haywood

 Montgomery High:

     Academy of Teaching and Learning

     Academy of Agriscience and Industry

     Academy of Business and Technology

     Academy of Humanities and Public Services

     Academy of STEM: Biomedical Sciences and Engineering

Kenneth Boatman

 Rain High:

     Academy of Aviation and Aerospace

     Academy of Business Information Technology

     Academy of Communication and Arts Technology

     Academy of Leadership

Amanda Prowell

 Cohort II:

Bryant High:

    Academy of Coastal Studies

   Academy of Humanities

   Academy of Business and Leadership

Genevieve Rigby

 Murphy High:

     Academy of International Studies

     Academy of Business and Entrepreneurship

     Academy of Culinary Arts

     Academy of Government and Public Service

     Academy of Health Services

     Academy of Liberal Arts

     Academy of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics

Gene Montgomery

 Theodore High:

      Academy of Industry and Engineering

      Academy of Arts and Humanities

      Academy of Health Care and Dental Assisting

      Academy of Marketing, Business, and Leadership

Patty Parris

 Williamson High:

     Academy of Maritime, Engineering, and Entrepreneurship

Monique Ray


Cohort III:

Baker High:

     Academy of Advanced Careers

     Academy of Business and Information Technology

     Academy of Engineering, Manufacturing, Industrial Technology

     Academy of Fine Arts, Media, and Entertainment

     Academy of Health Sciences and Human Services

     Academy of Marine, Zoological, and Environmental Sciences

     Academy of Transportation and Public Safety

Davidson High:

     Academy of Engineering Pathways Integration Curriculum (EPIC)

     Academy of International Baccalaureate (IB)

     Academy of Multiple Academic Pathways to Success (MAPS)


LeFlore High:

     Academy of Law, Arts, and Health Services

     Academy of Architecture and Construction

     Academy of Business and Computer Technology


Vigor High:

     Academy of Advanced Information Technology

     Academy of Humanities and Public Service